The Wealthy and the Decadent

The wealthy and the decadent, who live in shining homesThey spend their days a’preaching and crafting modern tomesThey tell us of their majesty, indeed how great they areBut tomes and preaching never speak of carefully hidden scars The wealthy and the decadent, like statues made of bronzeThey place themselves in fields to be viewed by […]


One resounding noteViolin strings singMy heart boundsFlutes humFlutes danceMy soul twirls in jigBe merry yeBí lúcháireachThe harp, the lyreNotes bounce and pattern formsI return to a time I never knewSuch magicCommand the windsYe violinWhisk us awayYe flutesI find a joy in the swirling melodyEnveloped in foreign cultureAnd, in familiar humanity