One Evening in February

Hints of clover in the kitchenDye the air with thoughts of springDew-kissed toes and playful laughterSent to fly on joyous wings Copper pot begins its chatterSoon sweet flavors spring to lifeI on tip-toe spy with pleasureDance to rhythms played by knife Stars make patterns in the windowShows for nature’s greatest fansDavid stares as one enrapturedBy […]

Theo Lain

Theo lain in drowsy slumberFinally free from labor’s painThe drops of darkness soak his formInner walls and ambition slain Eyelids flutter, monarchs freePerhaps a dream is now in viewReality melted, gone like mistNow only that far world is true A mother’s gaze, he does not stirLove and sadness slowly mixFingers run through dirty hairOh that […]

That Chronic Insomnia

It’s probably around 4 am. I hate waking up at this time, it throws everything off for the rest of the day. I have work in four hours. There’s nothing to do but try to go back to sleep, I guess. I reach over to brush your hair, but reality comes rushing back to me […]